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CRUD with PHP and MySQL

May- 31- 2017- 3:48 pm, By  Admin_Lotfar Kaes

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Creating CRUD grid is a very common task in web development (CRUD stands for Create/Read/Update/Delete). Create means inserting data into database using INSERT SQL statement. Read means reading data from database using SELECT SQL statement. Update means updating records using UPDATE SQL query. Finally, Delete means deleting data from database using DELETE SQL....

Tags:   Html, CSS, OOP, PHP, CRUD, MySQL, JavaScript

Slot Game

May- 25- 2017- 4:33 pm, By  Admin_Lotfar Kaes

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The project is to build a small, full stack JavaScript application. The application is a simple game which can display a random outcome generated on the server using NodeJs.



The application must work in major desktop and mobile devices.
The general principles by which the application will be evaluated are....

Tags:   JavaScript, ES6, NodeJs, Html, CSS, Game Logic

WordPress: Responsive Restaurant Website

May- 20- 2017- 3:16 pm, By  Admin_Lotfar Kaes

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Custom Designed Website for Your Restaurant

Do you need help getting your restaurant online? Do you have an outdated website that could use a little face-lift? We have developed many websites for our customers that not only look great but also integrate with their online weborder sites and social media accounts. We develop our websites using responsive design....

Tags:   WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Web Design

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